How do I get started? Knit and love.

When I first started knitting, that was around November of 2016. I was freshly graduated, unemployed, and still depending on my parents, and now I still am. But I have tried many different knitting techniques by watching youtube video, and asking around, also one of my favorite things to do is to visit local market (Albert Cuyp Market) or handcraft shop (Pipoos) to pick up yarns and wools. It’s such a meditational and artistic process that you actually have to pour your soul in, weaving, knitting and purling those colors and lines. All the warmth, blood, dirt, and sweat on your hands will also winded in the yarns you’re working on.

My first piece was for my lover. I decided to make him a black hat( which endup was only worn twice so I gave it to my dad instead). Therefore I went to buy my first circular needle and the best wool I can find. It was a very thin needle and a fine black yarn that in total costs me about 18 euros(holy shit I didn’t know it would be even more expensive than a hat in a regular drug store). But it feels good, it feels right. My excitement overwhelmed the fact that I am actually jobless and quite broke. Moreover, It feels almost like a commitment that is solid and wearable (yes my lover refused to accept this commitment). Of course, my work didn’t turn out to be flawless. In fact, there were so many mistakes I didn’t know how to fix at that time, and decided to keep it that way. Even so I feel so proud and so magical the moment of my last knit.

To be honest, it’s always been my childhood dream to be able to knit and make my own clothing or accessaries. I still don’t know why I didn’t start earlier. I guess it is the loneliness and coldness in Amsterdam that really make me realize I have to make myself occupied. However, the more I do it the more I am into it. I guess this kind of repetitive handcraft really suits me, this kind of lazy, and simple-minded person.


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