It’s not started yet. It never will.

I am waiting. Waiting for fruits to ripe, waiting for flowers to blossom, waiting for a heavy rain, waiting for spring to come, waiting for the sunshine, waiting for my mom to get very pissed and kick me out of the bed. I am waiting. Waiting for the water to boil, waiting for my tea… Continue reading It’s not started yet. It never will.


An intricate yarn.

  When your wool doesn't match the right needle... Ever since I was a little girl, I've always believed that the golden rule of being in any kind of relationship is to keep the most important thing to oneself. If I don't point out the mistakes, if I don't reveal my true feeling, or if… Continue reading An intricate yarn.

How do I get started? Knit and love.

When I first started knitting, that was around November of 2016. I was freshly graduated, unemployed, and still depending on my parents, and now I still am. But I have tried many different knitting techniques by watching youtube video, and asking around, also one of my favorite things to do is to visit local market (Albert Cuyp Market) or handcraft shop (Pipoos) to pick up yarns and wools. It's such a meditational and artistic process that you actually have to pour your soul in, weaving, knitting and purling those colors and lines. All the warmth, blood, dirt, and sweat on your hands will also winded in the yarns you're working on.

day 1: how to live with a phantom

My bitter/sweet life in the Netherlands. Since maybe last Novemberish, I met a very interesting phantom, a guy...phantom. He's 2 years older than me but always acts like a child, a very silly person. While he's at the same time very grown up, respectful, playful, tolerant, willing to listen to my opinions, which supposedly should be basic… Continue reading day 1: how to live with a phantom